Overhead shot of a plate of sopapillas drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Easy Sopapilla Recipe

Easy Sopapilla Recipe. Take a flour tortilla, fry it to a crispy perfection, then smothered it in cinnamon and sugar. Can finish off by drizzling chocolate syrup over them.

Showing the sheetpan with the base ingredients for the beef nachos and the plate with toppings on the nachos.

Sheetpan Beef Nachos

Sheetpan Beef Nachos are just that, Nachos made on a sheetpan (baking sheet). The base only consists of 3 ingredients. Then customize it with toppings that you love!

Picture of the baking dish containing the beef and bean burrito casserole and a plate made with 2 burritos on it.

Beef and Bean Burrito Casserole

Beef and Bean Burrito Casserole are burritos smothered with queso dip and then baked to meld all of the elements together. You customize your own serving by adding tomatoes, onions, guacamole, sour cream, and so on.

Plate of partially eaten Breakfast Crescent Roll Up

Breakfast Crescent Roll Up

This Breakfast Crescent Roll Up is scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese all rolled up in crescent dough, then baked. I made something similar with my Bacon Cheeseburger Roll Up. Only, it’s for dinner. This is for breakfast. A crescent roll up is basically the same thing as a pinwheel. […]

Close up of bite of Creamy Cheesy Rice

Creamy Cheesy Rice

This Creamy Cheesy Rice is such an easy to make side dish. Goes great with so many foods. I had mine with one of my older recipes, Crispy Parmesan Crusted Turkey Strips, and it went well with it. Would also go great with steaks, most ground beef recipes and even […]

Close up of sherbet float

Green Sherbet Float

This festive Green Sherbet Float aka Lime Sherbet Float recipe is made with lime sherbet, Sprite and some sparkly sprinkles. If you’re looking sherbet ideas or sherbet and sprite drink recipes, here ya go! Make this one for St. Patrick’s Day! What is a sherbet float? A sherbet float is […]

Plate of deviled eggs garnished with parsley

Easy Deviled Egg

This recipe will show you how to make Easy Deviled Eggs. Deviled Eggs are perfect for ANY holiday, but mostly made around Easter. Whatcha gonna do with all those boiled eggs you made for the big hunt? How do you make boiled eggs peel easily? Obviously, you must have hard […]

Close up and Cup of Lucky Snack Mix

Lucky Snack Mix

Lucky Snack Mix aka Lucky Charms Snack Mix. This would be perfect for the holiday St. Patrick’s Day because we have Lucky Charms Cereal in it. Make it for the office, for a school party or a family get together. Who doesn’t love the marshmallows in Lucky Charms? A no […]